Merry fucking Christmas!


I honestly used to like this season

many years ago.

But the joy I once had is gone.

I’ve tried so hard to like it again,

feel some Christmas cheer

but I just can’t.

I hate it for good reason,

such as I have lost a loved one,

or I feel alone.

There’s no meaning to it anymore,

No peace or goodwill out there,

It’s not even Jesus’ real birth date!


I freakin’ hate to pretend

to be happy and have a great time.

Lights, decorations, crowds at shops, it sucks !

and above all

the shitty carols sung by children

bother me the most.


This is my revenge

Kids, open your ears

Santa doesn’t exist,

he was made up by a big company.

Santa is a fat bitch !!!


And to end this sweet poem,

I wish all my brother scouts

A Merry Fucking Christmas ! Peace out !

(My greetings

are warm and hearty)


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