Dear Summer, I’m waiting for you


Random thoughts of summer days

Cold winter seems so far away

The soft breeze takes away my cares

The warm sun heats up my hair.


Summer boys are the kind I like

Sultry sleep on sticky nights

Soft kisses on blazing afternoons.

Summertime, please come soon!



My Shooting Star


You are become a shooting star,

fleeting glimpse across the sky,

streak of fire in the dark,

bright glow in the night.


Don’t even think about making a wish

I’m lucky enough to catch this meteorite.

Una Sonrisa


Arte en los labios

Cosquilla en el alma

Flor en el rostro

Ilusión derramada.


Esa sonrisa divina,

¿acaso es por mí?

Una Pregunta


Me pregunto

si me extrañas en tus noches de desvelo,

si me aparezco en tus sueños,

si me buscas en tu lecho,

si recuerdas nuestro primer encuentro,

si me piensas como yo te pienso.


Y cuanto más me pregunto,

me respondo menos.


A Crush


A feeling comes along over me,

I don’t know how to handle it.

This doesn’t happen every day,

new hope unfolding in a special way.


Somewhere along the line,

I started to think about you.

My heart flutters every time you’re at sight,

Your breath runs through my blood.


Your eyes stare into mine

filling my soul with tenderness.

Your voice warms my inner light.

I long to see your smiling face.


If you could be my shelter,

take away my distress,

make my sorrow go away,

you’ll make my heart young again!

White Night


Another night lying in bed

unable to fall asleep,

tossing, turning, feeling tired,

in the depths of silence.


Haunted by recurring thoughts

What my life is meant for?

What is my purpose?

Thinking efforts are for naught.


Google!  Throw me a bone!

I’m in the dark.

I don’t have the answer,

not sure anyone does.


My eyes start closing.

It’s time to sleep,

so goodnight,

sleep tight!

Flames of Desire


Cold december nights,

my heart is frozen like ice,

there’s no one at home

to make me feel warm.


Lying alone in my bed,

eternal flames inside of me,

thinking of how to feed my fire

slake my wild desire.


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