Brighter Days

Like a bright sun in a blue sky,

a light shines deep inside of me.

A spark of hope reignites the glimmer of my eyes.

From today’s ashes I will arise.


V-Day sucks

Everywhere I look these days I see red and overstuffed candy hearts, which can mean only one thing in February : Hallmark holiday… I mean Valentine’s Day!

I’ll be totally honest, I hate this shallow and tacky holiday but anyway I wish you all a happy one.

Today I’ll spare you my bad poetry, but tomorrow you will not be so lucky.

I’m on fire


You don’t have to seduce me,

I can’t hide my desire.

I’m sick of feeling horny,

Do you feel my fire ?


Give me what I really wish,

Satisfy my naughty, nasty needs.

I don’t afraid of dirty words,

Help me to unleash my inner whore.


My lust is out of control,

I must use your body whatever the cost.

The need to fuck is getting strong.

Can’t hold it any longer, so let it go.