Brighter Days

Like a bright sun in a blue sky,

a light shines deep inside of me.

A spark of hope reignites the glimmer of my eyes.

From today’s ashes I will arise.


Dear Summer, I’m waiting for you


Random thoughts of summer days

Cold winter seems so far away

The soft breeze takes away my cares

The warm sun heats up my hair.


Summer boys are the kind I like

Sultry sleep on sticky nights

Soft kisses on blazing afternoons.

Summertime, please come soon!


White Night


Another night lying in bed

unable to fall asleep,

tossing, turning, feeling tired,

in the depths of silence.


Haunted by recurring thoughts

What my life is meant for?

What is my purpose?

Thinking efforts are for naught.


Google!  Throw me a bone!

I’m in the dark.

I don’t have the answer,

not sure anyone does.


My eyes start closing.

It’s time to sleep,

so goodnight,

sleep tight!

Flames of Desire


Cold december nights,

my heart is frozen like ice,

there’s no one at home

to make me feel warm.


Lying alone in my bed,

eternal flames inside of me,

thinking of how to feed my fire

slake my wild desire.


Memoria In Aeterna


El silencio ha marchitado las flores,

la soledad ha carcomido tus huesos,

tu nombre en la losa fría

un dardo clavado en mi pecho.


¿Qué fue de la paz de tus labios,

del consuelo de tus brazos cercanos?

¿Dónde está la luz de tus ojos?

¡Todo es polvo!


¿Todo es nada?

Tu recuerdo permanecerá por siempre

en la tristeza de mi mirada.

Synonyme d’espoir


Parce que tu sais tout de moi,

il n’y a pas de secrets entre nous.

Parce que tu es mon meilleur ami,

viens, espoir, à mon secours !


Ma tête s’enfonce dans les ténèbres,

la solitude a empli mon âme.

Mon courage diminue dans la tristesse,

je me contente d’une vie sans flamme.


Tant de peur dans mon regard,

incapable de retrouver mon chemin,

je préfère oublier qui je suis

et rester à l’ombre de mon puit.


Emporte-moi, sur tes ailes, dans un monde de rêves,

éclaire mes doutes, berce mes blessures.

Sèche mes larmes de desespoir,

laisse aller mon chagrin.


Entre tes mains la promesse d’un nouveau départ,

je t’en supplie, ne m’abandonne pas.

Merry fucking Christmas!


I honestly used to like this season

many years ago.

But the joy I once had is gone.

I’ve tried so hard to like it again,

feel some Christmas cheer

but I just can’t.

I hate it for good reason,

such as I have lost a loved one,

or I feel alone.

There’s no meaning to it anymore,

No peace or goodwill out there,

It’s not even Jesus’ real birth date!


I freakin’ hate to pretend

to be happy and have a great time.

Lights, decorations, crowds at shops, it sucks !

and above all

the shitty carols sung by children

bother me the most.


This is my revenge

Kids, open your ears

Santa doesn’t exist,

he was made up by a big company.

Santa is a fat bitch !!!


And to end this sweet poem,

I wish all my brother scouts

A Merry Fucking Christmas ! Peace out !

(My greetings

are warm and hearty)

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