I’m on fire


You don’t have to seduce me,

I can’t hide my desire.

I’m sick of feeling horny,

Do you feel my fire ?


Give me what I really wish,

Satisfy my naughty, nasty needs.

I don’t afraid of dirty words,

Help me to unleash my inner whore.


My lust is out of control,

I must use your body whatever the cost.

The need to fuck is getting strong.

Can’t hold it any longer, so let it go.


My Shooting Star


You are become a shooting star,

fleeting glimpse across the sky,

streak of fire in the dark,

bright glow in the night.


Don’t even think about making a wish

I’m lucky enough to catch this meteorite.

A Crush


A feeling comes along over me,

I don’t know how to handle it.

This doesn’t happen every day,

new hope unfolding in a special way.


Somewhere along the line,

I started to think about you.

My heart flutters every time you’re at sight,

Your breath runs through my blood.


Your eyes stare into mine

filling my soul with tenderness.

Your voice warms my inner light.

I long to see your smiling face.


If you could be my shelter,

take away my distress,

make my sorrow go away,

you’ll make my heart young again!

My Heart is Bleeding


We made only one mistake,

we thought our love

would survive without care.

We missed our chance

and now it’s too late.


My heart is dreaming

of the past,

when my head was on your lap.

I must now forget and let you go.

I’ve never known pain so strong.

And not a second passes by

that I don’t wish could go back in time.


My heart is bleeding.

I need time to heal myself

and maybe one day

I’ll love you only like a friend.

The Magic of First Loves


Dreaming without sleep

Smiling with no reason

Suffering without pain

Believing anything can happen

Keeping the faith

love will last without end.

Why we never forget them?

4 Elements


You are open sea
my mind is a cruise ship.

You are violent wind
my heart is chagrined.

You are blazing fire
my skin is a pyre.

You are golden sand
my soul is fanned.

My Darling


You’ll never find a home in my soul
I don’t care how miserable you are
or how much your love grows.
Just stop send me sad songs
Get enough of your teardrops.

I don’t want you think of me each day
please, find your own way.
I hope you feel like a shit,
I’m not sorry to hurt you with my honesty.
Only forget about me.

My love is not waiting for you,
I’m to old to worry about you.