A Crush


A feeling comes along over me,

I don’t know how to handle it.

This doesn’t happen every day,

new hope unfolding in a special way.


Somewhere along the line,

I started to think about you.

My heart flutters every time you’re at sight,

Your breath runs through my blood.


Your eyes stare into mine

filling my soul with tenderness.

Your voice warms my inner light.

I long to see your smiling face.


If you could be my shelter,

take away my distress,

make my sorrow go away,

you’ll make my heart young again!


White Night


Another night lying in bed

unable to fall asleep,

tossing, turning, feeling tired,

in the depths of silence.


Haunted by recurring thoughts

What my life is meant for?

What is my purpose?

Thinking efforts are for naught.


Google!  Throw me a bone!

I’m in the dark.

I don’t have the answer,

not sure anyone does.


My eyes start closing.

It’s time to sleep,

so goodnight,

sleep tight!

Flames of Desire


Cold december nights,

my heart is frozen like ice,

there’s no one at home

to make me feel warm.


Lying alone in my bed,

eternal flames inside of me,

thinking of how to feed my fire

slake my wild desire.


New Year’s Day Hangover


Here we are. It’s day one of 2011. My first thought this morning just out of bed was «where did I put the advil». My head is so foggy and hurt. Last night, I only had one sip of Champagne, so I wonder if it’s possible that I’m suffering from drinking too much soda. I want to sleep the day away, but it generally isn’t a good idea to follow.

I have no idea what I’ll be doing this afternoon. Probably relaxing, enjoying the “newness” of the year.

This first day should mean changes, new beginnings and new poems. That will be tomorrow’s task, when my hangover will fade.

2011 has started like the old one has ended.

New Year’s Eve, It’s just another night out


Tonight is the last night of the year.

What comes to mind when I mention New Year’s Eve ?

Party favors, dancing, kisses at the stroke of midnight, countdown…


But to me, it’s just another night out,

only more crowded, expensive and loud.

So, I prefer to stay at home.


We are supposed to have fun and be happy tonight.

But not me, I have mixed feelings.

It’s sad to see the end of something.

On the other hand, I’m excited because it’s the beginning of a new cycle.

I’m looking back to the past and looking forward to the days to come.


And before I sign off, I’d like to make a toast :


The New Year is about to start

It’s time for bittersweet reflection

saying goodbye to the past.

It’s a time for new hopes,

new dreams,

and new aspirations.

There is a shift time.

Enter the new year

with an open mind.


Happy New Year! May 2011 be the Best Year Ever.

Oda a Nietzsche


Viví en directo la muerte de mi alma.

¿Cómo consolarme?

¿Quién borrará las huellas

de sangre?


Ya no sé hacia dónde caminar.

¿Iré hacia atrás, hacia delante,

hacia algún lado, hacia todas partes?

La inmensidad en todas direcciones,

estoy lejos de todos los soles.


Viajero sin rumbo que espera encontrar

el camino hacia un nuevo despertar.


Memoria In Aeterna


El silencio ha marchitado las flores,

la soledad ha carcomido tus huesos,

tu nombre en la losa fría

un dardo clavado en mi pecho.


¿Qué fue de la paz de tus labios,

del consuelo de tus brazos cercanos?

¿Dónde está la luz de tus ojos?

¡Todo es polvo!


¿Todo es nada?

Tu recuerdo permanecerá por siempre

en la tristeza de mi mirada.

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